Trying to decide on whether to live in the city center of the capital or explore what living in the new districts is like? Here’s a good start. We’ll give you a sneak peek into the newer developments in Abu Dhabi, some of which are expected to be complete this year. . . . Mayan Residences
Whether you’re an expat who wants to live in Dubai for long or an investor looking to buy property in the UAE, the bustling real estate market will offer you a variety of options. We have put together a list of the most important things that ought to guide you in your house hunt. Many
Tabani Real Estate reveals the top 10 foreign nationalities of overseas investors searching in the UAE real estate market. 1. India. Around 19% of foreign visits were recorded from India, ranking them as the top nationality of overseas investors searching for UAE based property. 2. Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia followed in second place with 16%

Take a ride into the future

Imagine being able to fly over all the congestion on Sheikh Zayed Road. Imagine having a perfect bird-eye view of Dubai as your flying to your destination.Passenger drones are now being launched in Dubai! Flying taxis will be made public with Dubai being the first in the world to launch them.According to Dubai authorities, the
Cityscape Abu Dhabi is and always has been a hub for international and regional experts in the real estate industry to gather and discuss issues and solutions within the capital’s market. The conferences focus last year was on the implementation of regulations in the real estate sector in Abu Dhabi – otherwise known as the
The tower, known as The Analemma Tower, which is being proposed by Clouds Architecture Office, will dangle from an asteroid, a minor planet located in the inner solar system, 50,000 km from earth. It will orbit in a pattern forming the number 8; across both the north and south hemispheres in a 24 -hour cycle

Dubai plans on building two new islands

Over a span of 30 years, Dubai has rapidly become a global hub for both travel and tourism. With so much to offer from beaches, desert, shopping, entertainment to eye-watering luxury hotels, it’s no surprise that Dubai attracts a large number of global travelers yearly… Dubai is continuing to grow with a line of developments

Dubai’s Next Iconic Building

Did you know Dubai has plans to introduce its very own rotating skyscraper? The extraordinary skyscraper will have a total of 80 stories with each floor rotating individually. The tower is designed by Italian architect, David Fisher. If you think that’s cool, wait until you hear the rest of it… You can control the rotation